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“Our lives are dedicated to bring more smiles to the Intellectually Challenged”




India is changing, she is entering an age that many say will bring great prosperity. With the innumerate opportunities coming her way, we need to ensure that our Intellectually Challenged (commonly known as mentally retarded) youngsters partake of that growth, opportunity and prosperity. How can we get together and add value to their lives and make this a better world for them? By giving them Dignity and Equal opportunity. By helping them co-exist as one in the mainstream of society.

Learn together :

Volunteer from school

Volunteer as a corporate volunteer

Volunteer medical Support

Volunteer organising Preventive Medical Camps

We welcome community support to bring in opportunity from the community

One would need to spend minimum time at the AMBA CEEICs; understand the need and thereafter work towards bringing in opportunity as below:

We could use your support to source low skill back office work and convince organisations, examples given below, to give our youngsters an opportunity:


  • Banks can outsource scanning of signatures for signature verification

  • Mail-merge and Dispatch through, email, post and courier


  • Data entry of client details

  • Receipt Printing - Pre-paid and Post Paid

  • Mail merging, printing and dispatch of welcome letters

  • and letters and material to preferred customers

  • Stuffing and Dispatch


  • Data Entry

  • Dispatch


  • Data entry


  • Data entry

  • Specific and Periodic Dispatch

HR Departments

  • Dispatch of items to employees selected, during the waiting period - before they join work

  • Data entry of relevant fields of the persons rejected who could be potential for the future


  • Volunteering for building strategies

  • Business models

  • Case studies to ABET development

  • Customise programmes to enhance learning

  • Volunteer at ILADKADI

Support in kind:

  • Hardware - Computers and accessories; Printer/ Scanner, Eye-Trackers; Books with pictures; Learning

  • Tools/toys and software; Lego for hand and body co-ordination.

  • Software - Educational; Quality Headphones; Compact Discs; Cassettes; Printer cartridges; Key Board; Mouse;

  • Hard Discs; Memory Cards; UPS/alternate current; Music System as required in each center.

  • Furniture-Computer Tables/chairs, curtains, etc.

  • Wheelchairs and tricycles


AMBA CEEICs are actively pursuing innovative revenue streams which help the Intellectually Challenged gain much needed financial stability and earn a better stipend/income. An excellent example of this is an arrangement with a leading mainstream organization, wherein AMBA CEEICs employees manufacture paper cups with the help of a machine, provided by the organization. The revenue model has been worked out such that the employees steadily increase their earnings over a period of time. The organization gets the paper cups at a fraction of the market rate, while giving these Intellectually Challenged individuals an opportunity to become self-sustaining; thus creating a win-win Situation.

BEACONS OF HOPE…as is in the book…pictures reflecting each center

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